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Modified Sage Xi3 4 pc 10 wt

This rod was custom-built for Ben Estes of South Carolina. Ben's lovely wife Sue got this rod for Ben for Christmas. Ben does a lot of fishing in water with large bass lurking in thick cover. Ben needed this stiff/fast rod to pull them away from the cover upon striking his bait. Ben has only micro seconds of hook-set time to do this or the bass get deep into cover with little or no chance of landing.
Great Fun Ben teaching those bass who's "Boss" in their town!

Bonar Custom Fly Rods are now Available at Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN
Blackberry Farm Guests are now able to view and purchase a Bonar Custom Fly Rod at the "Gallery" during their stay at this memorable one-of-a-kind hotel/retreat. Anyone choosing to stay with Blackberry Farm will not be dissapointed! They have so much to offer for someone who wants to get away from it all and relax. They offer fishing, fly casting lessons, fishing gear among a long list of other great products and activities. This beautiful retreat is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Walland, TN. They are some of the most friendly folks you are ever going to meet!
For more information on Blackberry Farm, please visit their website at: http://www.blackberryfarm.com/

"All" Bonar Custom Rods at Blackberry Farm are created with native and local materials to stay in theme with the natural surroundings. Not only can you purchase a BCFR rod at Blackberry Farm, you can also have one custom built for you. So, next time you're ready for a great get-away, give Blackberry Farm a chance to fulfill your every dream, you won't regret it!

Pictured below is Alex Quick (left), fishing guide, casting/fishing instructor and manager of the Blackberry Farm fly shop, and myself during the unveiling of the Bonar Custom Fly Rods located in the "Gallery". Alex will be more than happy to talk "rods" with you as he played a huge part in the design of these two initial rods for Blackberry Farm.

Shown below are (L) Leslie Duquette and (R) Kellee Haley, two of the loveliest ladies that will make your visit to the Gallery a pleasureable one. They too can talk "rods" with you and answer many of your fishing/rod questions.

Below are two fly rods by Bonar Custom Fly Rods that are on display at Blackberry Farm's gift shop.

The first rod is a 7' 9" 4wt 4 pc fly rod with a lichen embodied reel seat and Eastern Ruffed Grouse feather inlay.

The second fly rod is a 7' 6" 4wt 4 pc fly rod with a spalted maple reel seat, Eastern Rufffed Grouse alignment marks and marbling on the guide wraps and rod body. The marbling was done using India Ink in 3 colors.

Rod #1

Rod #2

"ACA" Competition Rod
This is a G Loomis Ltf 116 -42 custom competition rod made for Capt John Hand of "Redfish Landing Guide Service" in South Tampa Bay Florida. These rods are capable of casting distances well over 200'. We made several alterations to this rod to make it cast further than originally possible. John's lovely wife Leslie came up with the color scheme.
Good Luck competing John!

Below is the rod that BCFR donated to the "Casting For Recovery" retreat in Gatlinburg, TN on 4/11/10. To see more on the retreat click here.

The reel seat is made of Lichen found on trees

Jungle cock feathers was the theme for this rod

37" fly rod for the yard pond

This is the fly rod donated by Bonar Custom Fly Rods to the 2009 "Casting For Recovery" retreat in Gatlinburg, TN that Jeanne Schaafsman won.

David Ray's bamboo rod handle he wanted feather in-lay on . There are over 50 feathers on this handle. This is also the rod David used to catch the new TN state record Red Horse.

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